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Insulated concrete form construction

Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms Distributor - Concord, NH

We’re an authorized distributor of Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms. Established in 2005, Fox Blocks is an industry leader in ICF technology, manufacturing, and construction. Designed with two rigid foam panels filled with concrete, Fox Blocks provide an ultra-insulated, airtight structural envelope with better energy performance and durability than any other traditional technology. Fox Blocks work with all home exteriors and interiors, including EIFS, brick, stone, stucco, fiber, cement siding, or drywall. 

Faster Builds with ICF Technology

With its all-in-one wall system, Fox Blocks enables you to build better, faster, and more efficiently with less labor—saving you time and money. Fox Blocks consolidates six construction steps into one product:

  • Structure

  • Insulation

  • Air Barrier

  • Vapor Retarder

  • Attachment 

  • Interlock Design

Red tinted concrete form building
ICF internal view
Insulated concrete construction 1

Green Construction

Fox Blocks con­tain a min­i­mum of 40% recy­cled con­tent by weight and every com­po­nent of the form (including the con­crete and rein­force­ment bars) is recy­clable. Fox Blocks do not emit gas and no gasses that deplete the ozone or harm the environment are used in their manufacturing. Because they provide an efficient building method, Fox Blocks reduc­e the amount of con­struc­tion waste, dust, and air pol­lu­tion involved in the construction process.

Insulated concrete construction 2

Net Zero Building with Fox Blocks ICF

Fox Blocks ICF are found at some of North America’s most sustainable, energy-efficient buildings, including hotels, theaters, retail buildings, educational facilities, and homes. The performance design of the product can reduce your heating and cooling costs up to 50%, putting your Net Zero Energy goals within reach.

Insulated concrete construction 3

Insulated Concrete Forms for Homes, Additions, and Foundations

Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms are used in new home construction, additions, and foundations. They are available in a number of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses to work with any building design. Fox Blocks are fire and insect resistant, and designed to eliminate moisture intrusion, manage airflow and climate control, and minimize sound. Contact us today to learn more.

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